What is a benefit corporation?


Benefit corporations are for-profit enterprises that can take all the actions of a traditional corporation, including: raising money and issuing different classes of debt and equity.


However, benefit corporations must have a declared general corporate purpose that results in a public benefit.  Additionally, annual reporting and third party certification is required to insure that the corporation purpose is being pursued.


Bantam is a New York registered benefit corporation.  Our declared general corporate purpose is to help systematically lower asset management fees.  We intend to do that by separating the cost of financial advice from assets.  We accomplish this by charging discrete fees for our financial analyses that are separate from asset management fees.


You can also read more in our Purposeful Capitalism blog post.


Why did we organize as a benefit corporation?


Founder Jack Duval has been involved  in over 350 litigations as a securities expert.  He has seen virtually every way investors get abused and investment portfolios suffer catastrophic losses.


One commonality between those cases is that they all could have been avoided with a combination of common investment sense and true fiduciary advice.


Bantam was formed to offer the highest quality fiduciary advice to investors at very competitive prices.


Our benefit corporation status is currently pending certification.  You can read more about B Corp certification here: https://www.bcorporation.net/.

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