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What is a Family Strategy Book?  Perhaps the best way to explain it is to offer an analogy.


If you visit one of the few remaining Parisian ateliers, you will likely find a small shop, its walls packed with tools and materials, and a few rooms for artisans who work over crowded tables and benches.


These shops are not glorious, however, the objects they produce are exquisite and can be found on fashion runways, luxury store windows, and in the hands of famous musicians.


We are a financial atelier and produce bespoke financial strategies for families.  Our product is the Strategy Book, a completely personalized, professionally designed and bound book that addresses all the poetic complications of a family and its wealth.


Each Family Strategy Book addresses several major issues, including: risk management, asset protection, estate and tax planning, and investments.  Our diligence is obsessive and every recommendation is designed to work on multiple levels, incorporating the family’s particular circumstances into each investment and strategy.


Despite our exhaustive analyses, our strategy books are highly comprehensible and simple to read.  We painstakingly avoid industry jargon and write in plain English so the book can be understood and enjoyed by the least sophisticated family members.  Our clients often find our conclusions creative and surprising, and in parts, entertaining.


Like the artisan practicing his craft over the workbench, this work is not scalable and never will be.  Each Strategy Book is hand tooled and takes at least three months to produce, usually involving 100 to 200 hours of labor.  Because of the depth of our analyses and high production values, we can only initiate one Strategy Book per month.


More importantly, the delivery of a Family Strategy Book is not the end of the process but the beginning.  From there, we work with the family over the next nine to 15 months to carefully understand, weigh, and implement recommendations.  This entails working closely with the family and their other advisors.


Typical Family Strategy Book Timeline


family strategy book timeline


The same process that results in a highly readable Family Strategy Book and continues with meetings and reflection, leads the family to thoughtful conversations, and ultimately, decisions.


Additional Planning, Due Diligence, and Investment Services


We create Family Strategy Books for all types of clients as well as offering due diligence services.  If you are an attorney, please see our additional services for attorneys.


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