Business and Financial Planning Services for Attorneys


Bantam offers a number of bespoke financial planning services for attorneys, including serving as an agent in lateral hire evaluations and negotiations and in the creation of custom strategy books (our forensic-quality financial plans).

Attorney Agent Services


Because of the prevalence of lateral partner hiring, attorneys have come to resemble free agent athletes.  Like professional athletes, attorneys contemplating lateral moves need help evaluating the risks and opportunities of making a move.


Bantam provides the following lateral hire services:


Financial Modeling of:

•  Guarantees

•  Bonuses

•  Forgivable loans

•  Clawbacks

•  Tax implications

•  Optionality assessments


Risk Quantification

• Partnership withdrawal economics, including: equity, bonus, and pension

• Quantifying the costs of post-hire failure

• Portability assessment and expected value by client

• Risk weighted breakaway v. stay comparison


Acquiring Firm Business Evaluation

•  Business plan evaluation

•  Institutional focus on partner, on-boarding, business development, and strategy

•  Analysis of previous lateral hire integrations


Negotiation Services

• In-person or real-time support


Book Porting Support

• Timeline development

• Dependency and critical path analysis

• Plan execution support


For more information, see our blog post: Time for Lawyers to Agent Up.

Family Strategy Books



We craft exhaustive, highly sophisticated analyses of attorney opportunities and risks and design strategies and structures for them to achieve their goals.  We call these Family Strategy Books.  Our process of writing a Family Strategy Book involves broad and deep profiling and proprietary analyses such as: risk ontology, complexity analysis, and artificial intelligence-enhanced document review.


Our diligence culminates in a bespoke, forensic-quality report that addresses: tax-efficient investment, asset protection, estate planning, and total wealth diversification.


The reports are typically 50 to 200 pages in length (not including exhibits) and are entirely written by CEO Jack Duval.  There is no boilerplate and they go far beyond what is traditionally called “financial planning”.  The final report is professionally designed, bound, and presented in original and redacted formats so it can be shared with other professionals at different levels of confidentiality.


After the Family Strategy Book drafting and presentation, we work with our clients for the next nine to 15 months to coordinate with their other advisors and help implement the recommendations.


Because of the depth of our analyses and our high production values, we can only initiate one Family Strategy Book per month.

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