Qualified Opportunity Zone Investment Services and Impact Measurement

Bantam’s Qualified Opportunity Zone investment services include: eduction, research, and implementation, as well as an impact measurement product.


As a financially savvy benefit corporation, Bantam is uniquely positioned to partner with Qualified Opportunity Zone investment funds as a third-party fiduciary to consult on potential projects and measure the impact of investments.

Qualified Opportunity Zone Investment Overview



Qualified Opportunity Zone investments offer a number of distinct benefits, including:


•  Deferral of capital gains from any type of investment (business, security, property, etc.) for up to seven years;

•  Capital gains can be deferred by making a Qualified Opportunity Zone investment up to 180 days after the gain is realized;

•  A 10 percent and additional five percent step-up in basis on the original deferred taxes after five and seven years, respectively;

•  If the Qualified Opportunity Zone investment is held for 10 or more years, any capital gain realized is exempt from capital gains taxes;

Qualified Opportunity Fund Investment Services



What it is

What we do

What you get


QOZ Investment Consulting

Education Call to discuss:

•  QOZ incentives and opportunities
•  Considerations, and
•  Investment process


Access to our QOZ worksheets and resources.


Pro bono

QOZ Investment Research

Research •  Initial call to discuss what types of investments to target
•  Cursory search for available investments
•  Research into one potential investment
•  Unlimited calls to discuss the researched investmentAccess to our QOZ worksheets and resources.

QOZ Investment Implementation

Implementation Assistance implementing your QOZ investment. Bespoke1


1.  Implementation services are priced on complexity, size, and type of investment(s).

Qualified Opportunity Zone Impact Measurement



Individuals and funds making Qualified Opportunity Zone investments will benefit greatly by having a third-party fiduciary verify and measure local impact.  We work with our partners to measure, benchmark, and improve their impact over time.


Bantam’s ratings can be shared with investors and other interested parties as validation of investment efficacy.


The Bantam Qualified Opportunity Zone Investment Scoring product includes:


•  Verification of financials

•  Measurement of:

•  Local jobs created

•  Job quality

•  Local bank balances

•  Local supply chain spend

•  Local taxes paid

•  Impact scoring

•  Benchmarking v. similar businesses


Bantam’s impact measurement product is provided for a low flat fee based on the size and complexity of the Qualified Opportunity Zone investment.


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