We look after our client’s interests.

It’s that simple.


When you work with Bantam, you work with a firm of sophisticated industry insiders that give you the informational advantage when dealing with Wall Street.

Highly personalized fiduciary advice

Our Private Wealth Fiduciaries effectively serve as your personal chief investment officer with the sole objective of looking after your interests.


They listen closely to you and then work to create highly sophisticated and customized analyzes, financial plans, and investment recommendations.


Bantam offers both consulting and asset management services.  Our consulting services are offered on a stand-alone basis and are in no way contingent upon the use of our asset management services.

Consulting Services

Stand Alone Analyses and Reports

  • Fraud detection;
  • Total cost;
  • Value received;
  • Investment policy statement/investment comportment analysis;
  • Stated versus implemented investment strategy analysis
  • Tax-efficiency;
  • Performance audit;


  • Due diligence;
  • Bespoke research assignments;


  • Comprehensive financial planning.

Ongoing Wealth Management Services



  • Unlimited calls with our fiduciaries and analysts;
  • Monthly video financial review;
  • Quarterly calls to review finances and upcoming events;
  • Annual financial plan review;


  • Full balance sheet management;
  • Total wealth diversification by cash flows; real estate, human capital, and investments;
  • Customized asset allocation;
  • Integration of investments with tax, trust, and estate planning objectives;
  • Legacy investment considerations;
  • Single stock position monetization and hedging;
  • Access to our research library;


  • Balance sheet and cash flow reporting;
  • Consolidation and streamlined reporting of all investments, held away or with us;
  • Transaction analysis and negotiation;


  • Multi-generation investment education.

Asset Management Services

Investment Implementation and Monitoring

Utilize Existing Advisors
  • We help maximize the efficiency of using multiple vendors for investment implementation
  • Investment monitoring
  • Consolidated reporting


  • Low-fee, tax-efficient portfolios invested in publicly traded securities
  • Investment monitoring
  • Consolidated reporting


Using a Mix of Investment Vendors
  • Investment monitoring
  • Consolidated reporting


Do It Yourself
  • We assist clients with implementation of investments at discount brokerage firms
  • Investment monitoring
  • Consolidated reporting